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In This Course You Will Discover How To:

  • Define Your Tutoring Business
    • Knowing what age group to tutor
    • Discovering your communities greatest needs (and how to fill them!)
    • What you really need to start tutoring
    • Designing your environment 
    • Knowing how many subjects to start offering
    • Knowing what your services are
    • What NOT to do the first month
    • What NOT to do in the first six months if you want to grow to 6-figures
    • Crafting the message you share in your community
    • Creating a vision
    • Having a mission
    • Knowing what's a waste of time and what you really need to start a new business
  • Define Your Ideal Market
    • Identify your ideal client
    • How to find the greatest need
    • Discover how to train that need to come to you
    • Learn how to focus your talents and skills in one area so you become the go-to-person for tutoring help - fast
    • Discover how to step into the needs of the local homeschool community and how they can support your business ten fold
    • Knowing when to tutoring 1-on-1 and when to start group tutoring
    • Understanding the psychology of groups and the ages that can learn together
    • Identify what you will charge your clients
  • Find Clients and Registering One in 24 Hours!
    • Scripted words to "land" or register a new student
    • Building a list of supportive teachers to funnel you students
    • How to get recommended like a Rockstar
    • Discover the art of creating a Waiting List for your services
    • Exact words to say to anyone you meet to get the word out about your new tutoring business
    • What NOT to say and how NOT to approach people about your tutoring
    • How to set the stage for a Referral Based Business
    • Discover how to get your students raving and recommending you
    • Learn how to protect your rep
    • Setting time boundaries with clients (students and parents)
  • Knowing What To Teach
    • Identify a core subject to focus on and a secondary subject need
    • Discover what you are amazing at and can teach others (it's typically obvious yet unseen right under your very own nose)
    • Learn how to train students to come prepared with their own supplies and curriculum 
    • Discover how to keep costs down
    • Identifying what online resources are helpful and which are a waste
    • Discover the basic policies you need in place
    • Understanding when and how to outsource curriculum to others
    • Identifying ready-made curriculums you can use now to generate money
  • Knowing What to Charge
    • Discover when to charge hourly and when to introduce a package
    • Learn how packages train your clients to be accountable 
    • Knowing what to buy and what NOT to buy to keep costs down
  • Being A Professional Not a Hobbyist
    • Developing an entrepreneurs mindset and letting go of the employee
    • Design the needed forms (PDFs) for your business
    • Discover what licenses you need (and don't need)
    • Understanding liability insurance (from a non-legal perspective)
    • Learn how to easily track student progress
    • How to be accountable to students, parents, teachers without loosing yourself
    • Lean how to build a bridge between you and your local school districts
  • Building on Referrals
    • Knowing when to spend money on advertising
    • Learn how to grow your business on a small budget and why you should
    • Discover seven free ways to advertise your tutoring
    • Build an army of raving students, dedicated parents and eager supporters who talk about you and your services all the time
    • Learn how to build a tutoring brand fast
    • Identify your successes and discover how that will lead you to 6-figures!

Details, Directions & Dates...

This fabulous pilot course, for those seeking to discover how to start or grow a tutoring business, starts on December 12, 2016 and goes for 6 consecutive weeks. Yep, even though the holidays!

If you seriously want to ring in the New Year with a business ready to rock, then keep reading... If you'd rather be merry and fa-la-la-de-da this time of year, that's cool too, but just know this might not be right for you.

Here's why. 

There is no fee to participate in the program, which has sold in the past for $997 and will again after the New Year.  Instead, we demand blood, sweat and tears. No just kidding.

We simply ask that you complete the weekly work, fill out one survey per week by the Sunday midnight EST deadline, and attend three of the six live calls in-person so that we can gather feedback on the lessons. All calls will be recorded and posted, but live participation is desired here at least half of the time. Those calls will not fall on the holidays and will rotate days/times to accommodate time zones. 

Now if you have an AH-mazing experience and get some Fabulous Results (which we want!), we will ask you for a testimonial at the end of the course. Fun and a big Win-Win!

Last, but also important, by applying, you agree to be notified about the course, even if you aren't accepted. 

Beta enrollment is limited so jump on it now. We will be notifying those who are accepted into the program via email on December 10th. To accept your Beta Spot you'll simply follow directions in the email you receive by Sunday, December 11th at midnight EST (or risk your spot doing to someone else Monday morning). 

Still interested in rocking out a tutoring business and growing it to 6-figures while helping a lot of people? Well, you're in luck, we're taking applications now. Click the button below and know I'll personally be reading each and every entry.