Stop Lady

The Sad State Of Education Is Going To Make You
A Secret Weapon In Your Community
Put Money In Your Bank Account

Let’s face it, friend, education in this country and even around the world, is in need of a major overhaul.

I for one, didn’t like how the system treated me or my students when I was in it. 

Truth is we are ALL educators.  

Hey even if you’re not a teacher, you CAN educate! And you probably do on a daily basis. You simply don’t give what you do a title.  

In fact, let’s just clear this up now – teaching is a WIDE OPEN field and having a teaching degree, in my professional, humble and personal opinion does not make you an educator.  

Teachers are undervalued, underpaid and overworked.  

Students have access now to curriculum that is not grooming them up for success but instead dumbing them down. 

Pay-cuts, pink-slips and teaching to the test are the new norm. And to be frank, that sucks.  

Teachers are wondering how they will ever afford to retire as their benefit packages are being slashed 3%, 9% even 17% in some areas around the country.   

Other industries are feeling similar pain as budget cuts are forcing people into early retirement.  

But you’ll never have this problem because your income will grow and last as long as you choose.  (You weren’t planning to rely on your pension, 401K or live off of social security benefits, were you?)