Tutoring Isn’t Just About Teaching Kids

Now, the focus of my tutoring center happens to be 85% children, teens and college age students, yet there is another 15% unaccounted for. That is my percentage of adult clients.

You see adults often need to learn new skills. In fact, most adults should constantly be learning valuable new skills to add to abilities in the marketplace. And that’s where you come in! 

Look, your gifting might NOT be with kids – and that’s cool.

Maybe you like college kids or maybe you only deal well with adults. The point is, everyone needs to learn at some point and your tutoring center can serve ANYONE you so desire to teach.

Do you know computers? Well, I know a bunch of people who’d love to learn how to email their grandkids and download music.

In fact, my oldest client was an 84 year old retired police officer from New York City. He wanted to Skype with his grandchildren while he wintered in the Florida Keys. He also wanted to take photos and email them but had no clue what an attachment was.

What you know is valuable. 

And if you can share it with another…you could be in business! 

Start thinking now

  • What Am I Good At?
  • What Do I Enjoy Doing?
  • What Could I Do That Is Of Value To Others? 

This business model is NOT limited to children and teachers. This business model is WIDE OPEN. I wasn’t even a great student – much to everyone’s surprise – yet now I can tutor a child in any subject. 

They simply bring it. I explain it. That’s my gift. 

So, what’s yours?