And did you know in this country more and more families are turning to homeshooling as an alternative to public and even private education.

The US Census Bureau reported recently that more than 1.5 million children are being homeschooled every year. That’s 3% of American students nationwide, yet that number is expected to drastically increase given current trends. Plus, I personally think there are a lot more homeschooling families given my experience in the Florida Keys (a small community), Miami (a rather large homeschool population) and online consulting with families around the nation. 

Let’s face it. Parents are fed up with the state of education. Children are stressing at a younger and younger age over testing while peer pressure, bullying and downright meanness in the classroom are making some parents wonder – is this the best place for my child? 

We have yet to see what the homeschool population will become. However, know that it is on the rise and the stigma once attached to it is rapidly fading away.

That said, there’s an additional population of HOMESCHOOLING children whose needs include (just to name a few)…

  • Field Trips
  • Enrichment like Music & Art
  • Yearly Evaluations
  • Graduation Events
  • And Even More...!
  • Assistance with Lesson Planning for the School Year
  • Supervision of Lessons and Work
  • Accountability Needs for Grading, Portfolios and Testing
  • Socialization with Group Learning
  • Group Activities Not Related to Curriculum
  • Leadership Development
  • And So Much More...

Really, I could go on and on…because the need is so great. 

All you have to do is stop, look around and go beneath the surface to see parents and children are crying out for help.