Module 4

What to Teach
& What To Charge

  • Should you go buy a copy of all the books kids are using in your district on the subject you plan to tutor in?
  • How to allow the students and parents to bring curriculum needs right to your doorstep for every appointment
  • What to buy, what not to buy: Keeping Costs Down
  • What online resources are the best to help your customers (students) succeed
  • When to dive into ONLINE tutoring and when to keep it in-person
  • How to succeed with keeping your overhead low and outsourcing to the very best (BONUS I reveal my secret weapon when it comes to training!)
  • Adding Three Ready Made Curriculums to Your Business (And get paid as an affiliate when your students buy them – hello, another income stream! I’ll show you how!)
  • When to charge hourly and when to introduce a package rate into your business
  • Why using packages will help you train up your students and parents to be on time
  • What policies you need in place (I all but give you the statements you need for your business in the BONUS Forms! You just tweak them based on your needs. )

Module 5

Being A Professional Not A Hobbyist

  • Why Training & Mindset are key areas to focus on so that you go from being an employee to an entrepreneur with grace and skill
  • What forms you need to make your business simple (BONUS: I give away the farm here and provide you with all you need to be professional right from Day 1)
  • What licenses you need and why you need them
  • Where to look for information about a business license
  • Knowing about liability insurance and how it can protect you
  • Do you even need a business license?
  • What your startup costs should look like and how to keep them low
  • Should I worry about what to name my business and when do I order business cards?
  • How to track student progress and stay on top of their assignments, learning and hold them accountable to deadlines
  • How to be accountable to your students, their teachers and the parents
  • Building A Bridge Between You And Your Local School Districts (SO IMPORTANT if you want to reach 6-Figures and Build This Business on Referrals!)

Module 6

Building A Business On Referrals

  • When should you spend money on advertising and how much?
  • How to grow your tutoring business on a small budget and why you should
  • 7 ways to advertise your tutoring business for FREE (BONUS: The Flier that Made Me $5,000 is Yours to Use! Free when you sign up!)
  • Building your business on referrals and why this is so very important
  • How to create an army of raving students, dedicated parents and eager supporters who talk about you and your services all the time
  • When to spend money on advertising
  • Do I need a business name before I get started? And how this question can get you stuck and not making money!
  • How To Build Your Brand FAST and knowing what your brand is and ISN’T
  • Keeping track of your successes and how that can bring you to 6-Figures!