Module 1

Defining Your Tutoring Business

  • What ages should you open up your business with?
  • Where are the needs greatest?
  • Which subjects have the highest need?
  • How much space do you actually need to start tutoring? Can you get by if all you have is a kitchen table?
  • Where do you see yourself tutoring your students? Are you a mobile service, in a bookstore or local establishment or do they come to you?
  • Do you start with one subject or many?
  • What are your services?
  • What NOT to do in the first month
  • What NOT to do in the first 6 months if you want to grow your business to 6-Figures
  • Simple Fast Track Start Methods to get you meeting people in your community, sharing your message and on your way to booking your first student
  • Vision and Mission: Who are you helping and why?
  • What you really need to know about starting a business and what is a complete waste of time!

Module 2

Defining Your Market

  • How to find the greatest need in your community and fill it
  • How to train that need to come to you
  • Discovering how to focus your talents and skills in one area so that you become known as the go-to person for tutoring help
  • How to step into the need of parents, teachers, homeschooling families and fill it with ease
  • Knowing when to tutor one-on-one and when to start group tutoring
  • Which ages can be placed in groups together?
  • Who are your ideal students?
  • What do you charge your students?

Module 3

Finding & Registering Your First Client

  • What to say to a potential parent (BONUS Script to READ Word-For-Word is Included!)
  • What to say to teachers to share with them your tutoring services
  • How To Get Recommended Like A Rockstar
  • Where To Find Your Clients
  • What to say to anyone you meet to get the word out about your new business
  • What NOT to say and how NOT to approach people about your new tutoring business
  • How To Set The Stage For A Referral Based Business
  • How to make your students rave about you and become free advertising
  • When to say no to a client
  • Setting your time boundaries with students and parents
  • Protecting your reputation
  • Discover the ART of creating a Waiting List for your Services