Hi Rockstar!

You might know me as the Education Lady or simply as Jill, the redhead who loves to pose for the camera and to tutor kids. But that wasn’t always the case. Eleven years ago, I entered the world of education with an unrelated degree. I had absolutely no teaching experience yet was handed the keys to a run-down, beat-up classroom in the Florida Keys.   

I remember the feeling of excitement, fear and sudden overwhelm that came with my new job.   

My first year, I was awarded the prestigious Best New Teacher Award and recognized district wide. My second year, I was handed a pink slip.  

I was picked up at another school closer to my Keys home, yet working for someone else, even a school district, was never my life plan.   

I’d always known I wanted to be an entrepreneur. Doing what? I had no clue. 

Until I saw the incredible need of students and parents while teaching in the classroom. Until I became increasingly frustrated with a system that was leaving so many kids behind.   

While I had no idea what I would do, I knew anything would be better than working in a system that was year-after -ear tying my hands and stripping me of my passion for educating kids – so I quit.

My peers were horrified that I left the security of a bi-monthly paycheck of $1,100, health insurance coverage and a guaranteed pension plan (after 30 years, of course!). 

It wasn’t long before parents and students tracked me down asking for help. It took less than one month for my income to double, while working less than half the hours I’d put in as a teacher. 

Instead of stressing over money, bills and the frustrations of a J.O.B., I helped children three to four days a week. I enjoyed long weekends every weekend, traveling and island hopping while building myself a successful business. 

A business that quickly turned into 6-Figures and a ton of fun.