How A Dyslexic Failure In Math
Can Run A 6-Figure Tutoring Business

Yes, that was me – a dyslexic failure in math who also couldn’t read until I was nine years old. And comprehension, well that didn’t come until my teen years when I found a trashy love story dime novel and got hooked on reading.

You see, I never really thought I was smart.

Growing up, I was not the brightest student, did not pull in straight As and really struggled at times. What I did master, everywhere I went, was people skills.

I discovered how to befriend teachers, administrators and even my peers. I was well-liked and when you’re well-liked, people bend over backwards to help you. Even teachers. I never failed math, but I always felt like a failure in it. 

And today, I see that sameness in the students I teach. The lack of dreams and vision and belief in themselves. That’s what makes me a great tutor and someone with a waiting list of students, able to charge top-dollar and earn a 6-Figure income.

Growing up, I was surrounded by entrepreneurs. My father ran his own business, showed up in jeans and would kick off his shoes before climbing the stairs to his office. I loved his life-style and his ability to go to lunch when he was hungry, not when the clock said it was time. (A child’s view of what was important for sure!)

There were down sides too, for he did put in long hours at times. But he was building a business that was his. He was dedicated and prospered where he was planted with a focus and skill I admired. To say I caught the entrepreneurial spirit early on is an understatement!

Yet, I never felt half as smart as my father. Instead, I was often riddled with fear, doubt and paralyzed by my dyslexia.