What’s the Center 4 Learning Tutoring
Business in a Box
LIVE Coaching Program Cost?

Good question! I was advised to charge at least $5,000. But today, nope!

I have been told by a millionaire that I would be crazy to charge less than $2,000 for this program. But TODAY, I’m feeling a bit crazy. I’m not even going to charge $1,500 and to put it simply… that’s insane! 

Today, I’m doing something special… because I want your 2015 to be AMAZING! I’m pricing this program at LESS than what 20 hours of tutoring can profit you if you charged $50 per hour. 

(And I’ve shown BIBers… like Isabel… how to go from $20 per hour to $50 per hour EASILY… so this is something YOU can do too!) Hello, are you hearing me!?! 

Depending on where you live and what you will charge for your tutoring services, you could pay for this program by selling ONE TUTORING PACKAGE OF TEN OR NO MORE THAN 20 HOURS!