You Get the Following Bonuses
When You Take Action Today!


Bonus 1  


You get WORD-FOR-WORD what I say to a potential parent after I learn of their interest in having their student tutored. 

The script works like a charm and all you have to do is READ it. 

If you can read, you can close a parent on tutoring with this script. 

I’ve done it for years and taught others how to do it as well! 

(Valued at $149)


My Personal LIST of Where To Get Clients

Look at this list daily for the first month and you will see that potential students are everywhere. 

This list can be used as a memory jogger, a marketing tool and more. 

You will have loads of advertising ideas just from looking at one column on this list and it will trigger you to think about who YOU already KNOW that might be unaware of your new tutoring services yet be in need of them! 

(Valued at $29)


Forms for Your Business


  • Registration Form
  • Accountability Form
  • Referral Tracking
  • Upsell Forms: Learn what this is… going from hourly to package rates… from tutoring to a workshop setting and more!
  • And More! 

It can take HOURS to create pretty forms. I wasted TONS of time being a HOBBYIST creating paperwork instead of finding students and tutoring when I first started. 

Luckily, students came to me and my referral rates were off the chart. (There’s a SECRET TO THAT and I’ll show you how to set yourself up in this manner too!) 

But seriously, this BONUS of Business Forms will save you hours and hours of busy work that will keep you BROKE! 

(Valued at $129)


The Flier That Made Me $5000 in One Hour

I shared this early! 

One simple flier, tested and brilliantly simple netted me crazy money and YOU GET TO HAVE IT, USE IT and ROCK IT OUT! 

This is seriously a NO-BRAINER and can pay for your program and then some! 

Oh and I’ll even tell you where I put this flier and why…

(Valued at $97)


How To Move From Individual Session Payments To Packages
And Generate QUICK Money

There are ways to be paid by parents and there are better ways. 

Learn early on how to setup your business so you can ALWAYS generate quick cash. 

And discover the hidden benefits of selling a package verses session by session. 

This BONUS can boost you to 6-Figures QUICKLY! 

And make you a ROCKSTAR who pays off debt, keeps overhead low (all in the teachings) and discovers a financial freedom that you might never have experienced before living paycheck-to-paycheck. 

(Valued at $295… this is only shared on personal coaching calls!)


Inside Look At The SYSTEMS I Use Personally To Stay On Task, Organized and As Paperless As Possible! 

Now this is fun… 

A behind the scenes look at the Center 4 Learning and all the systems I use. 

I will share why I use them, how they benefit my tutoring business and how you can implement them yourself. 

And I’m a BIG FAN of paperless so I won’t tie you down with a bunch of paperwork or busywork. 

That’s for those who don’t want time freedom and financial freedom. 

I’m all about simple, saving time and money so you can tutor then enjoy your life! 

(Valued at $197)